Thursday, March 22, 2012

Classroom Management from Pinterest that I Love

Here are a few things that I found on Pinterest that I have implemented in my classroom.....

Quiet Critters: They're magical!

The Quiet Critters will only come out of their "sound proof" container if it's completely quiet.
They have no mouths so they don't talk and like quiet.
They want to sit on your desk and see what you're doing and get smarter.
They don't really like to be held or played with.
They don't like their eyes touched for fear of an eye infection.

To be honest the story grows as necessary.
They even escaped from their jar one day and were missing because the class had been so noisy.

These behavior cards work great for my class.
Sometimes I walk around and place an appropriate card on their desk.
When the student has read the card they flip it over and I come back and pick it up. 
Other times I place it up on the elmo for the whole class to see, or hold the card up directing it toward a particular student. It's great to have a couple sets located in different places in the classroom.

Some of my messiest students are cleaning up their desk in hopes of the "Desk Fairy" visiting their desk with a note and a little treat.
Whatever works, right?


  1. Thank You for all your hard work! I love all your ideas and charts.
    Caroline Shanahan

  2. I love the "Quiet Critters"! It's funny how motivated they are by those little things! You have a lot of great ideas and downloads on your blog. Thanks for sharing! :)
    Mrs. Heeren's Happenings

  3. I LOVE the quiet critters - I am going to find some bits to make those tonight for my class tomorrow. They will love it. What a cool idea. Thanks for sharing.
    I had found the writing goals & rate it ideas earlier on Pinterest and they have made an instant improvement on my class writing results.

  4. Love love the Quiet Critters! I have never been able to find them in the store. Where did you get your's?

    I am a new follower!
    Ms.Smarty Pants

    1. I made them myself. I got pop-poms, wiggly eyes and foam shapes from Michael's. I just used hot glue. (I tried using white glue, but hot works better.)

  5. You have some great suggestions. I am sure that I will use them in my classroom.Thanks!

  6. Love the stories you tell to go with the critters!

  7. Thank you sooooo much! Just the free inspiration that I need to get through!